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Pchicon R&D Team

Pchicon R&D team is committed to designing and developing aluminum electrolytic capacitors for many years and providing precision and most suitable aluminum electrolytic capacitors for customers.


We cater to the international quality as the first pursuit, because the reliability and stability of the product is an important index to evaluate the technical level of the product. In order to accurately analyze, evaluate and verify the performance of the product, Pchicon sets up a global industrial leading research and testing centre,do mnany tests to ensure the quality: - Load life test 、High temperature placement test 、Humidity test 、Temperature cycling test 、Surge test、 Drop test 、 Vibration test 、Switch test Ripple test ,etc

High/Low-temp Bia Test

High/Low-temp Bia Test

  • Tensile Strength Tester

    Tensile Strength Tester

  • Ligting Surge Generator

    Ligting Surge Generator

  • Intelligent TV Tester

    Intelligent TV Tester

  • Electornic Ballast Analyzer

    Electornic Ballast Analyzer

  • Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

    Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope

  • Ripple Power Supply Tester

    Ripple Power Supply Tester


Rohs、ISO、IATF Long Term Business Partership for LED Lighting\Driver\Meter Limitted Company

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