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How to Choose a good quality manufacturer of Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

April 07,2023

The market of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is very complex, competition is very big, product quality is also very different, how to choose a high-quality aluminum electrolytic capacitor supplier?


Pchicon started to produce,sale and design of high-endaluminum electrolytic capacitor since 1994. Why choose pchicon?

At first, 300+ emloyees, 80+ production line, 12000Sqaure Meter 7S Modern Workshop can meet any order requirements.

Secondly, for the main raws, foil, paper, lead wire, rubber, case and sleeve are all purchase to brand in china and abroad, Good quality must come from good raw materials.

Thirdly, we have good technical support.

We are a professional team. Our members have many years of professional and technical background in information security, and come from the first-line backbone of well-known domestic capacitor’s companies.

We are a young team. Our average age is only 33 years old, full of vigor and innovative spirit. We are a team with dreams.

We want Pchicon to be a truly high- end supplier of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Provide customers with the most reliable aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

We are a dedicated team. We firmly believe that a safe brand comes from the trust of customers. Only by focusing can we be safe.

A leading R&D Lab can do any testing to make sure our capacitors can meet what we commitment;

First-class equipment guarantees the quality of our products; our aluminum electrolytic capacitor do more than 13+ Trust experimental test.

Fourthly,QC Team do quality test from the incoming raw materials to all production processes, till the delivery.

IQC will test all raw materials parameters to ensure they can meet our requirements for mass


Each process is equipped with a separate IPQC position, which will control the key parameters of the process, and supervise the materials, equipment, environment and the operating methods of the employees to ensure that the products flowing into the next process from this process are qualified products.

According to the requirements of the customer’s order and in accordance with the GB2828 sampling standard, all parameters are randomly tested to ensure that the products that flow into the cost library are all qualified products.

Fifth, Pchicon have 5Million PCS Daliy Production Capacity

Normal leading time is 7-12 days, samples can be sent out within 3 days, and sample order can be sent within 1 week.

Sixth, The combined use of the ERP & MES systems makes the entire Technical Process visualized, make pchicon get a very fast order responsiveness, and even the salesperson can check the progress of the order through the computer or mobile phone at any time/any wheere to ensure quality and quantity delivery.

Seventh, Excellent after-sales service.

1. Professional after-sales engineer can offer technical support anytime(

The engineer is a technical engineer who has received professional training, 10+ years of rich capacitor engineer experience.They can solve the after-sales service problems of the capacitor in your finished product in time and relieve your worries)

2. Exception handling capability( 48Hours Ability to respond and provide 8D reports and solutions if get any quality matter)

3.Scientific management system(7S management in workshop, also Combination of dual systems:ERP&MES,Any process link is traceable)

4.Unique corporate culture(Adhere to the service policy of "serving with heart and creating value together" and the development strategy of "meeting needs and growing together with customers", and carry forward the work style of "Honesty, Innovation, Efficient,Gratefuly,Happy and Win-win" to achieve the greatest customer satisfaction. interests.

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