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Notable disadvantages of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

January 03,2023

(1) Poor insulation performance.

It can be saidthat aluminium electrolytic capacitorsare the worst insulated of all types of capacitors. For aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the leakage current is usually used to characterize the insulation performance. The leakage current of high-voltage and large-capacityaluminum electrolytic capacitors  can reach less than 1mA.

(2) the loss factor of low-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor is larger than 10% .

(3) the temperature and frequency characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitors are poor.

(4) the aluminum electrolytic capacitor has polarity.

When used in electronic circuit, the anode of aluminum electrolytic capacitor should be connected to the high potential point in the circuit, the cathode to the low potential point, can play a normal electrical function. If the connection is reversed, the leakage current of the capacitor increases sharply and the core heats up severely, causing the capacitor to fail and possibly burn out and damage other components on the circuit board.

(5) the operating voltage has a certain upper limit.

According to the special formation method of dielectric oxide film of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, its maximum working voltage is 500V, and its development potential is very limited, in theory, the operating voltage can reach any upper limit value.

(6) the performance of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is easy to deteriorate.

After long-term storage of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, it is not appropriate to suddenly apply the rated working voltage, but should be gradually increased to the rated voltage.

(7) the traditional aluminum electrolytic capacitors have a big obstacle in the process of lamination due to the use of electrolyte as cathode, so the process of lamination lags behind that of ceramic capacitor and metallized film capacitors.

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