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Performance characteristics of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

January 03,2023

(1) The capacitance per unit volume is particularly large.

The lower the working voltage, the more prominent this feature, therefore, especially suitable for the small capacitor and large capacity. For example, the specific capacity of CD26 type low voltage and high capacity  aluminum electrolytic capacitorsis about 300 μf/cm3, the specific capacity of the low-voltage ceramic capacitor of other metallized paper capacitors, which also feature in miniaturization, generally does not exceed 2 μfcm3.

(2) The aluminum electrolytic capacitor has the characteristic of“Self-healing” in the working process.

The so-called“Self-healing” characteristic means that the defects or defects of the dielectric oxide film can be repaired at any time during the working process of the capacitor to restore its insulating ability and avoid causing the avalanche breakdown of the dielectric.

(3) The dielectric oxide film of aluminum electrolytic capacitor can bear very high electric field strength.

During the working process of aluminum electrolytic capacitor, the electric field strength of dielectric oxide film is about 600kV/mm, which is more than 30 times that of paper capacitor.

(4) High rated electrostatic capacity can be obtained.

Low-voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitor can  be very convenient to obtain thousands or even tens of thousands of micro-method electrostatic capacity. In general, Power Filter, AC bypass and other purposes of the need for capacitors can only choose electrolytic capacitors.

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