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Points for attention in installation of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

January 03,2023

Installation ofaluminum electrolytic capacitors

1. Used capacitors can not be used again, but can be removed as a periodic check to test electrical performance;

2. If the  capacitor  is charged, use a resistance discharge of about 1k ω before use;

3. If the capacitor is in excess of 35 ° C, the leakage current may increase when the humidity is more than 70% . Before use, the capacitor can be rated by a resistance of about 1K ω

4.Before installation to confirm the capacitor rated capacity, voltage and polarity;

5.Do not use capacitors that fall to the ground.

6.Do not use capacitors that are out of shape.

7.If a capacitor is inserted into a circuit board with an unmatched hole spacing, there will be stress on the lead wire, which will cause a short circuit or increase the leakage current of the capacitor.

8.Insert the capacitor lead or solder needle into the PCB board during installation, until the bottom of the capacitor attached to the PCB board surface;

9. Do not apply more than the specified mechanical pressure. When the pull force is applied to the capacitor lead-out line, the Pull Force will act on the inner part of the capacitor, causing a short-circuit, open circuit or leakage current in the capacitor. Solder the capacitor to the circuit board without strongly shaking the capacitor.

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