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The correct use of aluminum electrolytic capacitors

January 03,2023

Usage method

1. DC aluminium electrolytic capacitors should be used with correct polarity when DC aluminium electrolytic capacitors are connected to the circuit with reverse polarity, the capacitor will cause an electronic circuit short-circuit and the resulting current will cause the capacitor to be damaged, if it is possible to apply a positive voltage to a negative lead, please choose a non-polar product.

2. Below the rated working voltage when the applied voltage is higher than the rated working voltage, the leakage current of the capacitor will increase, and its electrical characteristics will deteriorate in a short time until it is damaged. Please note that the peak voltage does not exceed the rated working voltage.

3. For rapid charging and discharging when conventional capacitors are used for rapid charging. Its service life may be reduced due to a decrease in capacity and a sharp rise in temperature.


4. Storage of capacitors when  aluminum electrolytic capacitors  are stored for a long time, their leakage current usually increases, and the higher the storage temperature, the leakage current rises faster, so we should pay attention to the choice of storage environment, after applying voltage on the capacitor, the leakage current value will continue to decline, in the  aluminum electrolytic capacitor  leakage current value rise on the circuit has a bad effect, please charge it before use.

5. The applied ripple current should be less than the rated value. If the applied ripple current exceeds the rated value, the capacitor body will overheat, the capacity will be reduced, and the life will be shortened. The applied ripple current peak value should be less than the rated working voltage.

6. The service life of aluminum electrolytic capacitor is affected by the ambient temperature. According to scientific statistics, the use of environmental decline of 10 degrees C and its service life doubled.


7. Lead strength when a tensile force is applied to a capacitor lead, the tensile force is applied to the inner part of the capacitor, which can cause a short-circuit, open-circuit, or leakage current in the capacitor. Do not shake the capacitor strongly when the capacitor is soldered to the circuit board.

8. When the aluminum electrolytic capacitor is soldered to the circuit board for immersion soldering or wave soldering, the plastic bushing should be able to be soldered for too long, rupture or secondary contraction due to high temperature.

9. The design of the mounting hole spacing and the mounting position of the circuit board shall be in accordance with the lead distance of the product specification. If the capacitor is forcibly inserted into the circuit board with an unmatched hole spacing, then there will be stress on the lead wire, which will cause a short circuit or increase in leakage current.

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